Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Effluent treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Grey Water Treatment Plant
  • Vehicle Wash Recycling
  • Odour Control System

Water scarcity is a global issue which is increasing with an alarming rate, the need of the hour is to protect the natural resource by limiting the wastage of water, there are many proven technologies that help to recycle wastewater.

Filtrex is fully capable of supplying wastewater treatment plants to treat municipal sewage, as well as industrial waste. In many cases, the water can be treated to a potable water quality level for reuse in the process, or it can be re-used for irrigation. These treatment processes not only keep the environment clean but also reduce strain on freshwater resources.

Whether it is a requirement of a new wastewater treatment plant or an upgrade of an existing facility to meet higher discharge standards or to overcome an odour control problem. Filtrex provides the right solutions that solve the troubles of wastewater plant expansion, effluent quality, and odour issues while adhering to strict municipal and environmental guidelines.

Filtrex, with its advanced & innovative wastewater treatment solutions, helps to protect water resources, improve the overall quality of life and fuel economic development. We assist public authorities in providing basic sanitation systems that operate with minimal environmental impact.